Xfinitywifi - question

I use xfinitywifi hotspots (US) on my android. I use a cracked account which I have long since forgotten. I have a laptop, which (given internet) will expand my horizons as an ethical hacker. But, not knowing the login, I cannot access the internet on my laptop.
So, is there any possible way to perhaps sniff the credentials as I connect to xfinitywifi on my android? Xfinitywifi also uses MAC addresses to verify the device, but that’s easy to spoof.
What are my possibilities here? My android has internet, and my laptop doesn’t.

Assuming I understand how logging into the hotspot works, does the login page have https?

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It uses https, xfinity is comcast, one of the largest ISPs in US

Lol. What kind of ethical hacker uses a cracked hotspot account?

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