Yikes, can someone help me with networking?


So I recently moved and my wonderful ISP changed several of my plans which cost more (Had to change them) but the most…interesting bug was that whenever I connected a device to my network, I had to use ipconfig /release and /renew just to connect properly.

While playing with router settings I enabled AP mode which is not configured and now I am in a bad situation, like that fox, sheep, duck puzzle game.

  1. In order to get out of AP mode, I need to log into the router.
  2. I cannot connect to because it is in AP mode. None of my wifi works as well.
  3. In order to get online I had hardwired the ethernet from my modem to my PC.
  4. I read a bit and some people had issues like this, where they had to reset the subnets on their network. However I would not want to damage anything further.
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This is called Karma. Playing around with the router behind ISP’s back. Your description is a bit confusing to me. I would recommend a factory default so you can restore all the previous settings.

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Who even uses their ISP’s default router anyways? @airth


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Click that little reset button around the back… You know, that liiiitle button?

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“behind the isp’s back” :astonished:

I’ve already reset the modem and the router. Sadly it appears I’ll have to dive into some subnettings or something to fix this problem.


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Right. I know the solution. @anon79434934 is with me on this I’m sure.

Steps to Solve your Awful Issue

  1. Remove the screws on the bottom of the modem
  2. Look for some ambiguous pins
  3. Poke around with a osciliator trying to find a signal
  4. Solder your serial cable to the pins, hopefully you’ve found them by looking or digging around with your osciliator.
  5. Connect your soldered serial to USB cable to your computer, open a serial console with minicom, and log into the router, the credientials are probably default.
  6. Dig around the commands, and find a reset command.

Thank me later buddy :wink:


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How to Perform Open-Heart Surgery in Six Easy Steps by @pry0cc and @anon79434934.

@Sea: Don’t actually open up the router. Okay?



10/10 I approve.



too late. i opened it up and now the fbi are here!!! ah

Actually that sounds about right as I can’t connect through any other method, but I have no soldering tools here and I don’t want to…mess anything up. I kind of share this with other people D:



guys its a cisco miracle!

i left the router off for a few days and now it connects


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Man that’s weird? Oh well! Decent!



“12 DAYS LATER” is the CMS angry?
DHCP lease expired? Might wanna change that to renew daily, semi daily.

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