C++ Senior Malware Dev.
Write on C++ 7 years. Write kernel drivers, GUI programms (Win32), console programms. Basically - malware (keyloggers, RAT\RMS, Trojans, Worms and etc.).

Write GUI programms (Win32), console programms. Write for BIOS/DOS.

Viruses Analyst / Reverse Engineer
Unpack VMProtect, ROR Pack, UPX, Enigma Protector - native, and etc.
Analyze viruses on .NET/C/C++/Delphi/ASM
Use: IDA Pro, DeDe, dnSpy, OllyDbg, WinHex, ExeInfoPE, Immunity Debugger

Contact me:
Jabber: f(antiparse)m(antiparse)[email protected]
Telegram: @M(antiparse)a(antiparse)lS(antiparse)е(antiparse)сD(antiparse)e(antiparse)v

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