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Asking questions or not knowing something is not a bad thing on 0x00sec, in fact its something very critical to learning. However, asking in the correct way is very important. Posts like "Plz help me hax my sk00l pls" are considered spammy, and will be aggresively deleted. Please realise that nobody here owes you anything, it is up to you to gain respect and ask correctly. You do not deserve help, however people here are happy to help.


Many users often have infomation related to their work, their activity on 0x00sec, and other things that aren't strictly computer science/hacking related, however they are somewhat relevant. This category is to be used sparingly, and only if you really have something important/relevant to share.


Category for Topics about Operations.

Phone Hacking

Everything from Phreaking, to Nethunter. Here you will find a treasure trove of useful articles regarding the entire Phone Hacking scene.


Wiki's are a great way to share information, make it open for people to edit, and contribute, and soon with many hands you'll have light work.