0x00sec Turns 0x01! One year!

0x00sec turns 0x01!

We made it, guys! 0x00sec is a year old. We went from a simple Jekyll blog with only three articles to a respectably-sized, full-on forum with over 500 users. Each day, one or more people took a chance and signed up.

Countless Introductions showcase our diversity of interests, origins, and languages (programming and spoken). Before we take a little peek into what the community has achieved in a year, let’s have a look at how many people have been peeking. :smiley:


Some notable website statistics include (at time of writing):

  • 44,300 people have visited 0x00sec
  • with 93,700 total website sessions,
  • and 422,700 page views.
  • 583 registered users.

Top 5 most viewed pages:


In no particular order, lets see what the community has worked on this year!

The Github Submission Platform

If you remember this one, you’re a real oldie! When we first started the site, we used Jekyll, a static webpage generator that depended on markdown files stored on GitHub. To submit an article, you had to make a pull request. @pry0cc thought this was super slick, but it didn’t scale. It was a nice concept, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agora and Null-get / NullHub

Available here and developed early on, Agora and Null-get are package file managers that take advantage of git. These projects were a fun little competition for some early members of 0x00sec. :stuck_out_tongue:


Developed by @pry0cc and @oaktree, Pupper is a tool that downloads articles from Discourse (the platform that 0x00sec uses), for offline reading. It also formats them into stylish webpages! This is very helpful to some who want to store articles locally, for reference.


Developed by @dtm and @TxS, this advanced malware project quickly came along. Notably, it’s entirely written in C and uses the WinAPI.


Of course, STELF, The Shell That Exercises Limited Fanfare. Well, not for long. STELF is written in python and developed primarily by @Joe_Schmoe. This project is capable of quite a lot – for example, it can encode executables on-the-fly.


Developed by the one and only @Nitrax, unDLP allows the user to send files discretely by abusing HTTPS.

PAIN Framework

Developed internally by @0x00_Jinx, the PAIN Framework is secure, client-and-server POC.


Creatively-named and developed by @IoTh1nkN0t and @pry0cc, PHPShell is, well, a PHP shell that craftily recognizes user agents and javascript to avoid discovery. This project is a reflection of the older, simpler days of PHP shells.


Our very own IRC bot! Sitting in #0x00sec, @fraq has adapted his own legobot framework to meet our needs. And pine has his quirks too. :wink:


Saving children in third-world countries one grain of rice at a time, developed by @Joe_Schmoe, this dodgy script, solves math questions to get rice from http://freerice.com.


Argus is an Android RAT developed by @TheDoctor. The RAT provides many dope features like email C&C, command execution, solid error handling, and super 1337 xor encryption! :stuck_out_tongue: This project is not only fun but educational.


This is only a fraction of what has been done in the community; by no means is this an exhaustive list of all the projects in the community. A lot of good memories have come out of all this. The members, who have put time and effort into the development, show such promise, for the community and infosec.

We must also take the time to appreciate all of you who have posted articles, tutorials, and replies, helping the next generation of hackers hone their skills.

0x00sec struggled in the past both financially and structurally, but support has always come through. We’d like to time to thank S^3, for their support in donation and providing the IRC + The GitLab! And also to Sequoia for their generous sponsorship!


The purpose of 0x00sec was always to connect people who loved hacking and tinkering, allying veteran hackers with beginners, allowing them to learn from and teach each other.

Whether you’re a newcomer, or you’ve been here from the start, feel free to share your thoughts, your good memories, (especially on the IRC!). If you have any suggestions about how we can make this platform better, feel free to let the admins and moderators know. 0x00sec is focused on the community, and not $$$.

We look forward to scaling up the community to hundreds – and maybe thousands – more in the coming years. Please share this if you enjoy this site! I hope you have a good day, 0x00’ers!

The 0x00sec Admins and Mods


I remember when Jschmoe had a bot with markov chains on the IRC (wulfbut), and we taught it a new word.

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When I joined NB 3-4 years ago I didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did! 0x00 surely is a large improvement over the original NB, but we still have a lot to live up to. In terms of projects, articles aimed at all skill levels, etc.

That is why I am calling out to the 0x00sec community to post more! Post about anything! 0x00sec runs on the sharing of all kinds of knowledge. Learning about something? Write about it! It will help you study and it will be beneficial to the other members!

Don’t stop posting!



I’ll try to post a lot more stuff in the next couple of weeks… Sou you can count me in on that task of shaping the community to a better place :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember when 0x00sec was home to only the 1335357 of h4ck3rs? Damn kids, get off my IRC server!


Do you mean 1337357? :slight_smile:

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Jeez, it’s really been that long already? Holy cow, time sure does fly by fast! It’s been great to be a part of something this awesome and I feel as though one day, we’ll surpass even some of the greatest and most well-known security forums.


congrats, good community! ^.^

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Well done everyone!

I plan on posting some stuff soon!

Also, if I make the project murmur repository public, can you put a blurb in this post?

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I’m glad to be a part of such a great community! Even with my lack of activity those days, I’m still keeping an eye on your work guys! Keep going!



Congratulations 0x00sec! It sure is amazing to watch this site grow although I aren’t really active, and I got to say I am really amazed by the amount of HQ content that’s posted despite being a relatively young site.

I love the design and the philosophy behind this site, keep it up! :slight_smile:


Even though I only use 0x00sec actively for a couple of months I saw the early days of this site. We accomplished a great thing.

I think the ones who deserves the real congratulations are the ones who did everything and spend countless of hours to give us this site. Personally I want to thank every single person who contributed this community by writing articles, helping others with their problems and many other ways for giving us such a great community.

Thanks everybody! :wink:


I love to be a part of this wonderful community.I have learnt a lot too :slight_smile:

Congrats and Thank you!


Sure! Is it on the gitlab?

Yep, it’s now internal, so you should be able to request access to it. At the moment, I’m really the only one putting work into it, but hopefully more people join.