A brief introduction to ProxyChains



Slick! :beers: If you ever feel lik sharing those servers :wink:

(oaktree) #23

DUDE! That’s slick. I was thinking about SSHing like that too.


That reminds me, I should reupload the VIM tutorial

(Mweya Ruider) #25

The link leads to one of the servers :grin:


I see, i was going to guess overthewires bandit challenges :wink:

(Mweya Ruider) #27

Great idea, I can confirm it works :smiley:

Speed seems to be an issue on those servers though

(Co-Founder and Part-time Fool ) #28

That’s a snazzy idea. I found you can use the servers at koding.com for a similar use. Of course setting up your account behind a VPN.

(Barbarossa) #29

oilSlick this is really good… keep it coming :wink:



Thanks for the interesting tutorial, got it working with TOR. I have a list of socks proxies, but don’t know whether they are socks4 or socks5. Is it possible to add to the configuration without knowing the exact socks type?


(system) #31

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