Any recommendation to books/sites to learn malware development?

Hi everyone,
Because I am new to malware development, I want to learn this and write some dirty code.

So, I want you to post me some recommendation to learn malware development books, websites or any other stuff.

If you want any additional info, let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hi dude, welcome to the community!

There are some things I’d like to highlight to you regarding this post.
There is a common mistake people who are diving into the mists of IT make:

Asking questions without even googling the title of your topic.

And let me tell you that this is the most embarassing thing you can do as a member of this community. And I’m putting in the effort to write this reply so it would happen less likely in the future, resulting in keeping the threads more interesting and clean.

So without going easy on you let me tell you how I felt after clicking on your topic:
Who is this guy ? Why should I help him ? He has like 1 hour read time, and opened around 20 topics max. He didn’t even introduce himself. What does he want to do with this knowledge ? Why didn’t he google this first ? Why didn’t he use the search of the site first ? He may have found the article of a Github repo containing thousands of books, including Malware Analysis.

Conclusion: It’s is a very script kiddie thing to be waiting for the information to come to you, not to mention that it’s very greedy. You have to go collect it dude! We are here to help, point you in directions, but I can’t even tell what level you are on. (I have guesses though) Also, sorry if this came out a little bit harsh, but really I’m just pointing out a very emphasized section of the Community Guidelines.

Also this time I’m practicing the nice thing, so I tried to imagine what I would do if I were in your shoes:

Also this is really a bonus for you now:

I’m looking forward to your next topic, I wouldn’t miss it!
Enjoy your journey and try to answer questions rather than asking them!


To add on that:

These two are probably regarded as a common entry point /decent start to dive into this material

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