CrackMe Challenge [Part 1] - Introduction / Very Easy Password Mechanism (Python)

oki fine thanks @toxicwapor but still dont know how to crack this i never cracked a encrypted somthing :frowning:
can you send me a pm how to crack it ?

I didn’t run the program, but I think I got the password from reading the source code. Will try it out later.

Nice challenge, looking forward to the next levels/parts

If you really don’t know how to start read my way of cracking it here: If you just need a hint I can say that you should take a look at the chr() and odr() functions in python which were used for encrypting/decrypting the password :wink:

Quick n’ Easy Morning fun. Thanks gave me something to do while my coffee gets me up to speed :slight_smile:

Successfully done :slight_smile: Thanks!
My variant to get pass:

Start with pdb
Set breakpoint to line where input password compares with decrypted.
Print variable containing decrypted pass value

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This is how I solved it. Thank you Doctor.

Looked at the source and copied ‘intPass’,
into IPython.
The following python decoded it for me
’’.join(chr(int©) for c in intPass.split(’,’))

Nice little one-liner :slight_smile:.

‘SuperSecurePasswordWhichCantBeCrackedWithoutBlackmagicSuperSecurePasswordWhichCantBeCrackedWithoutBlackmagic’ is the answer