Do you wanna write some malware?



Except for the fact that it’s a 15MB+ sized executable. k3k


If people really want to use a scripting language, I recommend Lua. Well designed, and the interpreter can be around 100kb.


Yeah, automation of its operation would be nice.

I don’t want to use python, the interpreter is too large.

It wouldn’t be overly difficult to use dlls as modules so it can be expanded on the fly.

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That would be up to the developers. However it is likely it will be accessible to internal users.

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The whole image stenography concept for malware sounds fun, do count me in for this :slight_smile:

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im grave digging threads here. I would be interested in participating if the project is still on going?

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Hi, a comment like yours would be better as a PM on site or on IRC – especially considering how old the root topic is…


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