Enumeration for Linux Privilege Escalation

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Some more stuff to check for

Check for accidental passwords typed after unsuccessful sudo

cat ~/.bash_history | grep -A5 sudo

Check for open tmux sessions (possibly logged into root shells)

tmux ls

Find writable files / dirs outside of your home directory

find / -writable -type f -o -writable -type d 2>/dev/null | grep -Ev "^(/proc|/home/user|/tmp)"

Check home directories of other users for readable files:

find /home | grep -Ev "^/home/user"

Find files that were modified in the last 10min (useful to spot funky stuff going on)

find / -mmin -10 2>/dev/null | grep -Ev "^/proc"
  • Check mounts
  • Grab banners for local ports (using nc or other methods)
  • Read crontab job files and look for crappy backup scripts
  • Read service configuration (Especially httpd)
  • Scroll over ps -ef output and check for passwords passed as command-line arguments


I don’t know why, but this blew my mind. Nice!

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