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You have absolutely no idea. You don’t come out of school as an “engineer”. Graduating from university does not make you an “engineer”. If anything, you know zero when you come out of school. Engineering comes from experience, it’s applied science, it’s practice, not theory.


You are right, it completely depends on the user and how he/she uses his abilities. But still there are alot of parents and schools that don’t encourage curiosity, the curious kid or teen or whatever he is can also be a scientist, teacher, musician or even a junkie. I think curiosity is the start to every passion, depends on how the user works with it.

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So you’re claiming that thousands of young people that graduate every year, have a piece of paper on that wall that is a lie?


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I think most of the western school systems were brought up in a time where “curiosity was a crime”, and have not been modernized to a sufficient degree. (I don’t know of any country)

Studying in one of these systems, I feel that every day.
People who willfully repeat what the teacher said get rewarded, while others who question his statements get a worse grade.

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Granted, curiosity should be encouraged. But instead of letting people do crimes blindly and thus creating more outlaws, perhaps we should invest time in getting their “hunger for steak” through legitimate methods (meaning that someone with an interest in computers should be taught how to set up a virtual lab).


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