Mine for the community!


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I can’t wait to see how this concept evolves. It’s a great way to easily contribute to the community.

10/10 my dudes

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Monero coins


This is pretty cool and is definitelly better than having ads.
I’m guessing you’re using the Coinhive miner?

(oaktree) #26

We are using the coinhive miner.

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For me it’s no problem doing this while reading articles with my computer.
Like @_Tas the process takes with my CPU only 30%-35%.

The concept is totally cool, ‘cause I don’t really need much off my CPUs’ power for my normal usage.
Hopefully it will help you :wink:

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I tried to make a “Miner.html” that uses 99% of the CPU (The Process itself takes max. 83% for me).

Just make a html file and paste this in:

<script src="https://coinhive.com/lib/coinhive.min.js"></script>
	miner = new CoinHive.User('8GiCBvTene8ArpdPgDjPt2tUIIr4NrXM', "DerFloink", { throttle: 0, autoThreads: true});

I’m pretty unexperienced with javascript. So it’s kept simple :sweat_smile:

Is it possible to build a GPU based kernel with it? It would make it damn efficent.

Lets reverse this sheet! coinhive that is
(oaktree) #29

What do you mean by this?


Have the javascript somehow dispatch a bunch of the hash work to the gpu (a gpu-kernel aka just a gpu-program aka “shader”) and submit it back through the same javascript protocol that coinhive uses probably.
Sounds messy from the sound of it.

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This is my question formulated a little bit different:

Only that I asked if we can do it ourself. Coinhive doesen’t uses the GPU (Maybe they hide it somewhere in the documentation, but I didn’t find a GPU script from their side).

Otherwise I should let “based” out of the “GPU kernel”. Thank you for asking :wink:

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Or you could do this… https://init.0x00sec.org/mining.html?name=yourusername

That has no throttle. And it’s made for this purpose :slight_smile:

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Well you have to open it 4 times for my CPU. Also my hasn’t got throttle too. The most beautiful possibility is from the documentation:

<script src="https://coinhive.com/lib/miner.min.js" async></script>
<div class="coinhive-miner" 
	style="width: 256px; height: 310px"
	<em>Please disable Adblock!</em>


Why ya’ll spreading malwar3z?


That’s such a stupid move from Avast.
Coinhive should sue them, lol.
Because of this shit they’re losing thousands of possible earned dollars a day.
Imagine if someone ducked with your business like this…


How do you differentiate a malicious miner from a benign one?


You can’t, that’s the main problem.


Then how is what Avast is doing stupid? Why should Coinhive sue them? I highly doubt Avast is even targeting Coinhive since this could most easily be a heuristic detection.

(oaktree) #39

A website connecting to another domain via javascript and using lots of CPU? Sounds malicious that way… can you opt to have Avast not drop the connection?

(Security Architect & Founder) #40

You can… It’s this magic line.


This determines whether or not it autostarts. In my eyes, it is the automatic + silent mining that is the issue, not opt-in, transparent mining. If avast wasn’t so freaking lazy, they could have implemented this…

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Is there a longer list so the newbs can see if they are contributing?

(Security Architect & Founder) #42

If you open up your developer console, you will see your mining progress. At the present, it is limited to the top 50 miners. Which is easily attainable in a few days.