Port 5900 open on a MAC that used Teamviewer, trying to access it

Hi there Folks,

I have a Mac connected to my WiFi network, I scanned and found an open port in its IP address which is 5900 and also 443 (smb), all I know is that Mac is mainly used for browsing the internet and not sharing anything. Teamviewer was only used once in it and then uninstalled.
I downloaded a VNC software and tried to connect to the MAC, put the IP address and the port and was prompted to type in the username and password. I guessed few Usernames(including the UN that is in the MAC).
My Question is, how were those credentials setup? were they setup by Teamviewer?
I know the username in the Mac and probably the password too, tried them and it didn’t seem to work. How can I possible know if it’s possible to access and control the MAC from it ? if so, how can the credentials be hacked? (Hydra for example).

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