Programming for Wannabes. Part I


(pico) #22

Thanks @boinclement. Let me know if the update works for you

(Clément Boin) #23

That’s great!, it is what I was thinking about.


You should also make sure to specify what distro you’re using. Most of those build essentials are in the base and base-devel group on Arch, for an example.

pacman -Sg base-devel lists the pckages in that group.

(pico) #25

I did. Thanks for telling us how to do it with Arch


Oops, I did read that part. :stuck_out_tongue: I was replying to @boinclement btw. Dunno why that little reply arrow thingy didn’t show up.

(pico) #27

Oh… I see. Sometime it also happen to me… the reply arrow not showing up…

(Clément Boin) #28

Yes, I know, I’m on Arch.
My comment was for starters and I assume when you I’ve installed a distribution like Arch. You’re aware of this little thing, nope? Tell me if I’m wrong :smiley:

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The reply arrow doesn’t show up when the comment to which you’re replying is the one right above.


This is awesome! thanks man!

(Noyce) #31

I’m a little confused :confused:
Should it be kb, Kb or KB?
Should this even matter?

(pico) #32

It is KB. You can also use just K or KiB, but no kb or Kb.

It matters because 65536 and 64000 are different numbers and 1 __B__yte is 8 __b__its .


This was incredibly helpful. Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face: