Scripts To Rice Your Setup Pt.1

Scripts To Rice Your Setup

So in the progress of installing my Arch and ricing it, I also installed screenfetch.
Screenfetch is a small program to get

one of those nifty terminal theme information + ASCII distribution logos you see in everyone’s screenshots nowadays.

It’s automatically detecting your OS to display the logo and gets multiple system info’s.

Here a screenshot of how the normal output looks like on my system:

Screenfetch or alternatives, like Archey, Screenfo or Neofetch, are pretty cool programs. But isn’t it boring to always see the same logo, although all the logos out there look great?
For me, after seeing the (same) Arch logo for the third time I got a bit bored. So I came up with an idea.
Therefore I wrote a little script to make my screenfetch look better or rather a bit different.
While going randomly through the man page of screenfetch, I noticed the -A Flag.

Here you can specify the distribution art that you want displayed.
This is for when you want your distro detected but want
to display a different logo.

So it’s possible to show the logo of another OS by giving the according name.
Because I don’t know all distributes available and covert by screenfetch, I opend the source code and looked through it.
I tried them all and wrote them into an array.
And then I noticed that the man page names them all. I don’t know how I could over see this.
But you still can’t just copy the list. But I tried them all 70 of them and came up with this usable list.

os=("Alpine Linux" "Antergos" "Arch Linux" "Arch Linux - Old" "BLAG" "BunsenLabs" "CentOS" "Chakra" "Chapeau" "Chrome OS" "CrunchBang" "CRUX" "Debian" "Deepin" "LinuxDeepin" "Devuan" "elementary OS" "Exherbo" "Fedora" "Frugalware" "Fuduntu" "Funtoo" "Fux" "Gentoo" "gNewSense" "Jiyuu Linux" "Kali Linux" "KaOS" "KDE neon" "Kogaion" "Korora" "Mint" "LMDE" "Logos" "Mageia" "Mandriva" "Manjaro" "Netrunner" "NixOS" "openSUSE" "Parabola GNU/Linux-libre" "Pardus" "Parrot Security" "PCLinuxOS" "Peppermint" "Qubes OS" "Raspbian" "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" "ROSA" "Sabayon" "SailfishOS" "Scientific Linux" "Slackware" "Solus" "SparkyLinux" "SteamOS" "SwagArch" "Trisquel" "Ubuntu" "Viperr" "Void" "DragonFlyBSD" "FreeBSD" "NetBSD" "OpenBSD" "FreeBSD - Old" "Unknown" "Haiku" "Mac OS X" "Cygwin")

And now a random index to make things fun and different every time we call it.

RAND=$[ $RANDOM % 70]

os=(“Alpine Linux” “Antergos” “Arch Linux” “Arch Linux - Old” “BLAG” “BunsenLabs” “CentOS” “Chakra” “Chapeau” “Chrome OS” “CrunchBang” “CRUX” “Debian” “Deepin” “LinuxDeepin” “Devuan” “elementary OS” “Exherbo” “Fedora” “Frugalware” “Fuduntu” “Funtoo” “Fux” “Gentoo” “gNewSense” “Jiyuu Linux” “Kali Linux” “KaOS” “KDE neon” “Kogaion” “Korora” “Mint” “LMDE” “Logos” “Mageia” “Mandriva” “Manjaro” “Netrunner” “NixOS” “openSUSE” “Parabola GNU/Linux-libre” “Pardus” “Parrot Security” “PCLinuxOS” “Peppermint” “Qubes OS” “Raspbian” “Red Hat Enterprise Linux” “ROSA” “Sabayon” “SailfishOS” “Scientific Linux” “Slackware” “Solus” “SparkyLinux” “SteamOS” “SwagArch” “Trisquel” “Ubuntu” “Viperr” “Void” “DragonFlyBSD” “FreeBSD” “NetBSD” “OpenBSD” “FreeBSD - Old” “Unknown” “Haiku” “Mac OS X” “Cygwin”)

screenfetch -A ${os[$RAND]} -w

It just calls screenfetch with one string of our array with the random index.
The -w Flag ("-w Wrap long lines.") just to fit all information on a normal terminal window.

And that’s all you have to do. Now you can enjoy all the beautiful logos available. And every time a different one.

I choose to put the code into my .bashrc so on every console I open, this code will be executed, but you also could make an alias which calls an bash script file with this code inside.

Here are some more images:

This was my first post and it wasn’t really educational or filled with content. But I think this is a nice to have feature for which I already did all the work, so it’s worth sharing. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad English


Sweet article! I’ll be looking forward to more of these! Many people have quite a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to rice their when they’re starting out.

Btw, nice GPU lol. I’ve got the same one.

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Thanks, for the kind words. :blush:
There definitely will be a second part :smirk:

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Rice up you say eh?

Nice article. I am also running Arch (antergos) but with Cinnamon. Here is a screenshot for those interested:

It’s not much really. Just Cinnamon with a custom theme and icons. But it gets the job done.

BTW neofetch is displaying the wrong CPU speed. It’s running at around 5.3GHz actually.



looks pretty awesome :thumbsup:
maybe adjust your conky a bit more to your design

really? that’s insane

Arch ftw

Yeah i know my conky looks ugly but I am looking for a nice blue color that is compatible with my desktop but still “dark blue” enough that it stands out. You got any recomendations?


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I’m not good at designing and this kind of stuff, but I would suggest simply take your terminal colors.
So background dark grey and foreground this light blue / light grey.
Or background without any color and foreground dark grey and light grey

Oh damn. When you said cinnamon looked nice, you really were not kidding…

Good job boy… I’m gonna have to go rice mine up more!!


This is just the beginning though. I customized the menu etc. too after this screenshot


try a color picker online?

#1793D1 is my favourite blue.

Nice article. I really liked what you showed us.
It’s no matter if your english isn’t good because it’s just important to understand what you mean. And in my opinion your english is well written, but I’m not that good to say that :wink:

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you motivated me to finish the second part which will come very soon :relaxed:

Part 2 is out! :smiley:

Here is a massive list of resources that I plan on converting to a thread on here.


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