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Linking Google queries with Watcher

In the previous post I’ve covered the initial stages of getting query results from Google and in the last week I’ve been working on the required plumbing to get these results into a format which is usable. This has taken a little longer than expected and more work is still definitely needed before I’m comfortable with people using this tool, but the vertical slice is certainly coming along.

Here you can see the map being populated as queries are processed and the associated geolocation request completes:


One of the unexpected issues I’ve had is that although in the previous post I have mentioned that Google’s Custom Search Engine allows for 10000 queries a day, this is actually further limited to 100 queries a day if no billing information is linked with the CSE. Now, Google does give ~US$300 worth of query credits and if just having those linked (without requiring an actual card linked) is enough to get the 10000 queries/day limit, then that will save me a great deal of hassle: otherwise I’ll have to keep track of which queries have been performed to allow people to get through the entire ruleset over multiple days, even if they restart the program.

Once I wrap up the issue above and add support for gracefully handling the “quota reached” error (rather than crashing in a ball of fire) I’ll move on to being able to select the invidual cameras, provide information (such as linked URL, geolocation data, camera type) and the part I have been most looking towards: actually streaming invidual programs from within Watcher.

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i can lend you my shodan member account , if required, has a few scan and export credits…

Thanks! I’ll let you know once I add the shodan plugin :smiley:

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i can text you my api key any time just let me know

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What would be a similar alternative written in Python? :grin:
Great topic by the way!


I’m afraid I’m not sufficiently familiar in Python to provide you a truly educated answer, so take this with a grain of salt. Technically nothing would prevent you from building it in Python: the community has provided Python bindings for imgui and SDL2. Sqlite and JSON have their own Python libraries.

It might become more complicated once you start processing the camera feeds themselves though, but from a cursory look you can still process e.g. MJPG without it being a hassle.


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