What's your shell? Bash, ZSH? Other?



I use zsh.
Guys, take a look at zgen. It’s the best plugin manager for zsh I’ve used so far. :slight_smile:

Yeah fish is awesome when you just want a quick 'n dirty nice looking shell

and something that is neither POSIX nor sh compatible. :wink:

Can anyone give a quick rundown on why you would use each? I’ve heard of most of these, but I’ve ever really only used Bash, so that’s pretty much the only one that I know anything about.

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It’s really a matter of personal preference. You just have to keep trying them out, tweak them a bit, until you find the one you like…

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Bash is pretty standard. You aren’t going to spend a lot of time tweaking it, you’ll just have a shell.

ZSH is insanely modular and expandable. There are many plugin managers such as oh-my-zsh, and they allow you to do things that just really make your life easier. Things like insane tab completion, programs like pacman and git will allow you tab complete commands and flags. Not just files.

This is just one example, but using a setup shell in ZSH is like using a car with all the add-ons and gadgets. It’s nice, but not essential. It really depends on your priorities.


Has anyone ever used Termux on Android? It is a awesome shell for Android.

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Inntteerreeesstttiinnngggg. Definitely going to give that a spin once I get a Linux install up and running.