Why is Gentoo so great? - Linux


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There is nothing wrong at all with compiling your own kernel. If you screw it up, that’s on you, the same as Gentoo, and the same as any other distribution.


Yes, and that doesn’t make Arch any better either.

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Sure it does. You can compile a kernel. And you have complete package control.

Also - you can compile the whole system from source if you wanted to with ABS (Arch Build System), https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernels/Arch_Build_System

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Personally I don’t have any experience with Arch and Gentoo yet. I think it depends on one’s personal use case which one to chose. For people who want to compile everything theirself, although possible with both, Gentoo may be the better choice. Users who are more happy with having a precompiled kernel and binary packages should go with Arch. Each of them has it’s advantages, but a direct comparison is in my opinion rather pointless. Just my two cents :yum:

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Wise Words @SmartOne.

@kowalski go onto freenode#archlinux and type “!best”.


Arch is bleeding edge. AUR is even more bleeding edge at times with git and next versions updated right with a commit. Building from the AUR with it brings stability issues, no doubt. And then you gotta rebuild if theres an issue. Not to mention the lack of ability to trim down packages. Cant help if you go on to install portage on arch though. :tongue:

Gentoo is surely more stable than the Arch Build System, even with testing ~ enabled. Hence, it sucks less than the ABS. Rebuilding unnecessarily isn’t really cool.

And try to be a little more objective by including facts.


Users who can’t be bothered to even have a look at their kernel config, rather. jk

You’re right.


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Here we go again! The classic ‘Better Distro’ argument! Beware, this has broken more friendship than Monopoly! On a serious note, I love Arch. Heil Team Arch!

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The bitter fact is that no one exist in this world who had win this fight.

IMO: Some Linux distibution can’t be compared,
And they should not be as they exist for providing very different sole purposes of very different people around the world. Linux is Great becouse it provide lot of coustomization and that help people from every variant to make thier own distro which suit them.

P.S. No linux systum is same, Not if it is same version of ubuntu. And yes!, Hail Team Arch



Enjoy the cocktail!

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You did not bring any arguments, so there is that.

Arch locks people into systemd - Gentoo does not.

Arch abandoned it old philosophy ever since Judd Vinet
was no longer in charge.

Note that you can very easily upload the compiled binaries
somewhere and share, so you can use Gentoo in a
binary-only way too. Most Gentoo folks have no problem
with compiling so compilation is the default.

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Wow I think I replied to the wrong person… I wanted to reply to the first poster.

This comment-system here is AWFUL. Too complex too. :frowning: