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(Mweya Ruider) #1

Firstly, well done on the site! It’s looking really good. I was wondering if you could sort the topics into “worlds” kinda how WonderHowTo did to make series of articles easier to find. So, like, having all the Crypto stuff under the Crypto world for example. I understand that you already have the tags system in place, but personally I’d find the world system more intuitive.

Just a thought tho. And well done on the site once again.

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(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #2

That is a good idea. Mind you, we already have sub-categories.

The main categories are at http://discourse.0x00sec.org/categories

The cryptology category is a sub-category of Hacking.

So I like the idea, we will look into it. But I feel this looks like a decent enough replacement. Thanks for the suggestion!



I think you’ve done an outstanding job on the site, although mind you I will keep my eyes open for any possible improvements that could be made, as the site’s community is expanding very fast. Hopefully this will become just like NB, maybe even better :smiley:

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(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #4

I think it has every potential to be. We’ve had 1.2K page views, and that’s just today. It’s growing at an expanding pace, we just need to improve SEO (organic results), we need people to stay loyal and hang out here, and we need good discussion. With all those things, people will come in flocks. I think for the first week we are doing very well.



Yes you guys are. Say if you guys ever need help with anything on the community feel free to ask me, I’d be glad to help make it be better.


(Keeper of Darkness) #6

Simplicity is beauty. Quality site and it’s looking really awesome. I just noticed in the Users can we make the header to be fixed, that when we scroll down we can see the header. Looking forward to improve the community. Thanks!


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #7

The header to be fixed? Could you expand?


(Keeper of Darkness) #8

The header that contains Received, Given, Topics and etc. When I scroll it down it will show numbers and I don’t know what are this numbers represent unless the header is fixed.


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #9

Could you take a screenshot?


(Keeper of Darkness) #10