0x00sec 2019 Year End Review - Year 0x04

0x00sec 2019 Year End Review - Year 0x04

Hi 0x00ers!

I hope you all have had a very happy holiday! Today, I want take a quick look back at the year of 2019 for 0x00sec, laugh about some of the good times and review some of the amazing content and achievements of this year by the community.


A core feature of the 0x00sec philosophy is to openly exchange information between members - the forums being an excellent medium for sharing.

This year there have been some incredible articles released, and here are some of the highlights we’ve picked out :slight_smile: If you think we missed one, let us know on the #projects channel on the 0x00sec Discord.







PresComm (HackTheBox Write-Ups)





Malware Python Writing Series
Other Awesome Articles


Trend Micro

So an interesting part of the infosec community at large is drama. Some of it is terrible, some of it is funny, and some of it is just downright stupid.

In a research paper put together by Trend Micro, 0x00sec was portrayed next to other “English Criminal Underground Hacking Groups” and labeled as such.


Luckily, a good friend and member of 0x00sec, @ReyBango, reached out to the CEO of Trend Micro and it was quickly remedied :slight_smile:

Projects in 2019


A nice idea born out of a passion to learn about buffer overflows and an OSCP journey.

From our very own @Rain!

TL;DR I wrote a program to automate buffer overflows. I talk about what buffer overflows are, why I made this program, and show all the code I used.


An in-development PowerShell tool by @PresComm. Intended more for blue teams (as it requires administrative rights on target systems), Coerchck scans targets (single machines, subnets, ranges, or a mix of each) to search for local administrator accounts on Windows machines. The first in a series of PowerShell scanning tools intended for blue team enumeration.


I (@pry0cc) have been developing a chatbot I call Karen. Karen lives in the 0x00sec Discord and can do many things like deploy DigitalOcean droplets, execute SSH commands, store history, and generate reverse shell payloads on the fly.

The Watcher

A very cool project developed by @hostile.node is a public web camera streaming tool. Live images from publicly exposed cameras!

Changes to 0x00sec

Public Discord

This year was the first year that the 0x00sec Discord was made public! After moving away from a fully public IRC in 2018. There was a lot of uncertainty as to how the quality of the chat medium would be maintained in a public manner, however, it has been a really positive and active environment and has continued to be a treasured part of the community.

Introduction of VIP

This year we also introduced the VIP status. The VIP status is a way to both reward active and heavy contributors but also to recognize users as model community members and their position as a leader in the community. This has been invaluable in creating a curated list of good content automatically (more to come soon ;))


2019 has been an incredible year for 0x00sec! We want to extend a huge thank you to our frequent visitors, lurkers, friends and members that make this community what it is.

I can’t wait to see what we can do in 2020 :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, after 4 years I am finally becoming a part of this community.
After being locked away in a box for 3 years, it feels good to find a knowledgeable community.


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Welcome to our humble growing community :slight_smile:

Is the IRC server still active?

Just Discord nowadays.