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Get 0x00sec Adspace!

0x00sec is now offering AdSpace! Why are you going to put your ad on 0x00sec?

  1. AdBlock-proof! Your ad will exist as a Globally Pinned Topic, which means that it is always there for all users to see.

  2. Google Analytics puts us at 6,000 page views per week. This doesn’t include those who disable javascript and/or run analytics blockers – and let’s face it: this kind of website’s users are likely to block javascript.

  3. 3,000 unique visitors each day (according to http://siterankdata.com) means that your one-week AdSpace post could potentially expose your product or organization to thousands of people!

  4. This isn’t AdSense; instead, your ad will exist as a post that users will see at the top of their feed.

  5. Exclusive - At the present we only have space for 1 post. That means your ad will be the only ad on 0x00sec.

We are a young, humble community in its infancy; but we are growing
each day. We have reasonable ad pricing and are open to negotiation.

If you are interested let us know now at [email protected] and we’ll get something sorted.


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I know that we need the money but I doubt if ads are a good idea. The main reason a lot of people, including me, come here is because unlike other sites, this site has (had) not a single ad in it.

I guess it’s fine if the ads aren’t intrusive, but I’d personally rather not have them.



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I think if the ads stick to our global topic, it’s fine. For example ads from http://hakshop.myshopify.com/ would be acceptable (in my oppinion :smile:).

And somehow the site has to be kept running. If donations doesn’t work, other ways have to do the job…



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They won’t be obtrusive, nor will they be irrelevent. After all, we choose the advertisers; we choose the ads. This isn’t some google adsense.

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I don’t mind ads if they are hand picked, and do not cover the content.



I guess if they aren’t obtrusive and if they are relevant, they will be fine. I just hope it will not damage the content somehow.




Look we have a donation page, the site has been up for half a year now and we have received a total of 4 dollars in donation. A VPS costs around 100 dollars per year, and we are at the limit already (Site being slow due to low on RAM).
We have no choice but to get ads.



Let’s hope people will buy ads then.



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I’ve never seen this donation-site. Maybe we can use the “adspace” for links to the donation site


The Adspace of 0x00sec
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What’s about selling something like a T-shirt or something else with the 0x00sec logo? Maybe I will buy something like this.
What do you think about this idea:

  • Selling something
  • Else

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