0x00sec CTF! Get in your teams!



Oh Sound cool ! I’m still a Novice Hacker but put me in the R007SH3LL Team :stuck_out_tongue:

(Security Architect & Founder) #24

I’ll speak with @oaktree

(Nukepruf) #25

I’d like to join Crash BandiROOT if possible :smiley: not sure how much help I would be I’m game to try!


Fine by me! If you wan a play to learn no problem! Im in it for the fun.

Add @Nukepruf to CrashBandiROOT


Hey, I’d like to join any team that would have me! However, without currently knowing the date/times, I might not actually be around due to other commitments. I probably wouldn’t even be of much use( really know how to sell myself eh? :grin: ), but I have a little experience with these things, so who knows? If not, no worries. OR, I could just go solo, and not turn up on myself…

(Ne0_) #28

Im leaving Team “Crash BandiROOT”.
Instead, I’m gonna join up with @Zence and @ad_ict.
Our team name will be “Hostbusters”.

(Security Architect & Founder) #29

Nice name :wink: Team name added!

(Mweya Ruider) #30

Is there space for a n00b in R007SH3LL? :smile:


Yeah ! Of course You can join !

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #32

I would be pleased to join one of you great guys and learn by watching you doing your work. I may not be a big help, but it would be a rewarding experience to me! :smiley: Is there a place left in BazicBitches or Crash BandiROOT?

(The C# Dude) #33

I think @Wawa appreciates new members; however, I’m just his bitch, so he’s the one who has to agree :grin:


Its cool, he can join.

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #35

Great! Can’t wait to work with you! :smiley:


You can hop on Crash BandiROOT if you want,


Choose wisely!, jk choose whoever is more experience. (Them)


Yes please. Thanks a lot!

(Standard User) #39

ahoy ya scrubs! refer to the intro/rules post and start getting me your flags and keys (5 character long alpha numeric no symbols just letters and digits upper and lower case email them to me at [email protected])

(Ne0_) #40

@pry0cc wrote that we’d need a 4-digit key. If we need a 5-digit key, could you please update the Info/Rules Thread?

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #41

Has there been any progress with this or did I miss sth?

(Security Architect & Founder) #42

5 months later.

We were relying on suser for this CTF. Although he has failed to live up to expectations.

It hasn’t happened yet, no reason though why it still can’t happen.