0x00sec CTF! Get in your teams!

0x00sec is proud to announce the new and upcoming CTF sponsored and hosted by s^3!


The CTF will be beginning within the next few weeks, however the time and date is not yet final. This post will be updated when new infomation becomes final. The details to the CTF server will be PM’d to you when the time is right.


  • Covered in this follow up post




Crash BandiROOT



Get into your teams!

Get into your teams, and then comment down below what team you’re in. When we verify it we will edit this post.


Team name: NeedCashForPizza

Team Members as of now:


Perhaps a CTF/recruiting subforum?

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I think the comment section is sufficient as of now.

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CTF as in Capture The Flag? Sounds interesting :slight_smile: However I don’t think I’m experienced enough to as of now… would we be able to spectate in any way?

Team name: BazicBitches

Team Members as of now:

Do you search for another team mate?

Yes, if you want you can join :3 :ghost:

Sounds good :grin:. So we team up. BazicBitches seems suitable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

You can join a team, and you could help them. Im sure some team would accept you so that you could gain some experience!

Okay, I might try. Again, I’m basically a noob so I don’t think there’s much I can help anyone with xD.
(My title still says N00B, right?)

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Down for a present team if anyone will have me, Otherwise i may start one or solo :wink:

Due to private circumstances I can’t be relied on the next few months, so I’d only be a burden to a team. But if I come to it, I’d still like to try myself on the CTF. So if you could give me a heads-up when the CTF starts, I’d be very much appreciating it.


Well a team can actually have as much people as it wants. So it wouldn’t make any difference you being in one. How about you join @OilSlick?

I dont mind if you dont show @Neo if you want a team just incase. As I said if I dont build a team ill solo for fun anyway.

If that’s no problem for you, why not form a team. Sounds great. As you are the only fixed member of the team, I’ll leave the naming to you :wink:

I think we can talk about which communication channels to use later.

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Right on, so ill mark you down then, and well get to communication channels later on/
Give me a pm if/when you have an update for your status once the dates are announced. :beers:

So as of now:

Team name: Crash BandiROOT

Team Members:

Awesome name! :slight_smile: I played Crash Bandicoot: Warped on PS1 o.0

Hey, I’d like to join a team just to spectate, if anyone would have me? It’d be cool to join NeedCashForPizza just to watch the site owners go at it. :slight_smile: However if they don’t want me I’ll join whoever. Thanks!