0x00sec CTF Update


(Do Joy) #22

Same Problem for the 2nd name turning red when I fill out all of my team information!!!

(_) #23

if you created a team and had problems i promise you your team is there ctf is now open and underway. the reason for confusion is because i disabled logins till the game start


He’s correct; my team was created. Thanks for putting this awesome CTF together for us!


@Deshi Is there an admin for this I can speak with? I’m getting no response on IRC

(_) #26

cause its 1am here when you were trying and im the only admin you are not doing something right because lots of others got that flag entered not every flag is flag{} format but its pretty clear what the flag is if you get it.

(_) #27

you were on the right track but not the right triggers that is the only hint im giving.,

(DamaneDz) #28

I forget my login details how i can reset them !

(Full Snack Developer) #29