0x00sec CTF Update


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The CTF I have been developing will be launched as is, with 15 challenges. There are no web challenges on this one.

It is mostly forensics type categories, since I lost some help when I first started this project. This will be for 0x00sec members only for final scoring to count, otherwise, open to the public for shits and giggles. You can play up to 3 people per team or go solo if you wish.

I will launch in the next 2 weeks so keep an eye out here and on https://hackmonkey.us


I would love to participate in it at least to gain more experience

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right on try it out it should be good for all skill levels

(rok) #4

Good luck to all :stuck_out_tongue:
If someone interesting to create a team send me msg please :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to participate as well.
It’d be great if someone adds me to their team

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Ne0_) #6

So, I got a question:
There are already challenges displayed on the site. Are those the actual CTF challenges? Wouldn’t that mean a headstart for some?

I think I don’t quite get it, could somebody please explain?

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thanks for bringing that up i fixed the issue unfortunately if anyone grabbed some stuff during that kafuffel they got a headstart on things.

(Ne0_) #8

Oh well, we’ll just hope everyone stays fair and only starts on the date specified.

Thanks for fixing it, though

(_) #9

my pleasure, happy hacking


Sounds dope. Looking forward to it

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22 teams have registered so far keep on spreading the word to other members! Updates during gameplay will happen on the live stream @ wickedradio.net as well as younow.com/wickedradio. find out what challenges are still untouched and which ones are getting slammed.

(Command-Line Ninja) #12

What is the date for this CTF beginning?


17:00:00 FRI 07/21/2017 as shown on the page if you click play :stuck_out_tongue:

(Command-Line Ninja) #14

So a few hours before the podcast on Friday?


I’m not exactly sure about the podcast times. need to ask @Deshi

(Full Snack Developer) #16

Podcasts start at 2100 Eastern

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also a note for solo players on the CTF you can just make up 2 additional names for your team since it was meant for teams but im allowing solo play and did not want to take the time to re-code things.

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there will also be live updates a couple times during the podcast and during wicked radio live special edition all weekend.


I can’t seem to register. I fill out all of the information, but the 2nd name turns red and it does not let me continue. I have tried all sort of names, but it won’t let me register. What am I doing wrong? I wanna play ;-(

(Austin) #21

I am having the same problem. I have tried inputting emails and no email tried all types of names,nothing I’ve tried has worked