0x00sec Gitlab Server poll: Keep or Decommission?

  • Keep the Gitlab Server
  • Remove the Gitlab Server
  • Don’t care either way

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Hey folks, L0k1 here.

I’ve noticed that our Gitlab server hasn’t had any action in the last month or so. I was thinking of removing the server, and re-provisioning the box for something else. I will leave the choice up to the community.

If so chosen, I will leave the Gitlab up for 30 days so all members can retrieve their projects. I will be making a backup of the server, and keeping it in safe storage in the event I decide to bring the gitlab back up again.


I feel like the same thing could be achieved using GitLabs Free Tier and setting the repositories to private. Means we don’t necessarily lose stuff and you reclaim a server.

Unless of course there’s stuff on the Gitlab that we wouldn’t want on GitLabs servers…

If you’re looking for ideas for the new server I’d really appreciate a community BNC so that I can keep all that sweet, useless, and often trolly IRC history.


I second this. (extra text cause 20 character limit)

I’m not going too far into specifics, bu t yes, there are some things that certain users would not want on a public server.

I’ll look into a BNC

The community has spoken. I will keep the Gitlab up and running.

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