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Hello everyone,

Our IRC channel is #0x00sec on irc.0x00sec.org.
Join us there!


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Guide how to use IRC:
How to use IRC


(Command-Line Ninja) #2

May I add, at the moment you can reach the IRC through your browser at



is it allowed/possible to visit anonymously ? I’m always a bit reluctant to irc bcs it broadcasts my ip to the main public


Though this is the surfaceweb/NSA?/FBI? Anon chat
Anonymous is scattered and not centralized.
You can find the most of Anonymous on Tor / I2P.
Any group calling themselves Anonymous Official or whatever, is either feds or money making company.


Use a VPN or connect via another service.


I believe https://irccloud.com hides your IP, however that doesn’t hide you from feds


(Command-Line Ninja) #8

I use a VPN (FrootVPN is really good value IMO) and a cloak (which you can obtain by asking a freenode admin)

(Monkey Wrench) #9

Hi, I’ve seen that @unh0lys0da has asked us in the chan’s topic to ‘encrypt our IP with rot256’ - can someone elaborate on how to do it?

('Cause I’m sure that it’s not about 'fish irc chan encryption and I’m guessing your talking about rotary (rotational) ciphering, but I came short with 1st tier searching of that type of ip masking in relaltion to irc.)



oh my sides!!! :joy:

(Ne0_) #11

You’re evil :smiley:

PS: (at least 20 charachters…)

(Command-Line Ninja) #12

You might be being sarcastic, but it is in fact a joke incase you didn’t know xD rot256 would never be secure. Rot256 is actually only the same as Rot10, since it starts from the beginning every 26 characters. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

(oaktree) #13

Since IPs go from 0-255, it’s essentially doing nothing.

(Command-Line Ninja) #14

Oh there we go, I forgot it was for encrypting IPs, I thought it meant encrypting the text.

(123loaded) #15

Speaking of IRC, whereTF all you kids run off to anyways?

(Command-Line Ninja) #16

To Narnia0 :stuck_out_tongue:


Ye be sure to check the closet, we might be in there!

(Command-Line Ninja) #18

Suser will be for sure xD


FYI web-client is currently broken

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #21

The web client works for me! Also, the page seems to be up: http://isup.me/kiwiirc.com
Maybe your browser/ad-blocker blocks the request?