0x00sec "l33t of the w33k" Explained!

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Hello 0x00’ers! To help drive discussion and encourage contributors, we are introducing a weekly “contributor of the week” award, which will be known as “l33t of the w33k” :stuck_out_tongue:

We (moderators) will read through the posts and topics and assign up to two awards for the best quality and most frequent contributors. We will also add your name to a board where the past weeks awards will be stored.

When will this get posted?
The results to the weeks contribution award will be posted on the Friday of the week. This will recur each week unless we feel we need to change it.

What can I do to increase my chances?
We are looking for quality posts, and discussion. If you get a decent amount of likes, and a decent amount of comments (excluding issue posts) it will likely place you in the ranking. Questions asked are valued a lot as well, anything that drives discussion is likely to increase your chances of receiving this award!

Good luck! We look forward to reading your posts :slight_smile:


Our First "1337 of the W33k"
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Seems like a good way to encourage more posts, and get more people talking ! :smiley:


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Seems like a solid way to encourage activity. I like it.