0x00sec / LeapSecurity CTF 2018 Results


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Hello 0x00ers!

The last 24 hours have been filled with sweat, blood, agony and joy. Just being in the #0x00sec channel on the IRC has been a tense moment right up until the final hours. But the time has come, and the 0x00sec / LeapSecurity CTF 2018 has finally finished.

And the final standings are in.

Huge congratulations to lkw for winning the CTF! lkw was the first to solve most of the challenges with the exception of Bonus Points, and lead the competition almost since the beginning.


1st. lkw 161 Points - Burp Pro 1 Year Licence

2nd. Xel 161 Points - Shodan Pro

3rd. diaze 161 Points - Shodan Pro

4th. spkrl 151 Points - Runner Up Badge

5th. 0x6e756c6c 151 Points - Runner Up Badge

Stats for Nerds

Throughout this competition is a bunch of very interesting stats, the first being the amount of people who participated:

  • 187 Teams Registered
  • 2143 IP addresses
  • 5 Challenges
  • 0x00member being the most solved with 38 solves
  • Bonus Points being the least solved with 3 solves

Other Stats

Prizes will be distributed shortly and all the remaining Shodan Pro licences will be given to regulars on 0x00sec, and then will filter down to the places on standings.

Write-ups are on their way for all challenges, and will be published soon, so stay tuned!

We want to say a huge thank you to all the people that participated in this event, and helped to organise and run this. Thank you @fraq & @jbroche! As well as all the sponsors that made this possible, LeapSecurity & Shodan.io.

If you enjoyed this, make sure to stick around as we are already planning next years CTF!

Introducing 0x00sec/Leap Security CTF 2018!
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Thanks to everyone involved in running it.


Is there a Write up? I am really curious about that Cypto.

If you are looking for another challenge the SANS holiday hack challenge is on going.

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It. Is. Coming :smiley: