0x00sec Music [Wiki]

Official 0x00sec Music!

Contributions here are very welcome as pry0cc said “Go add your songs!”. But I think more importantly I think having a #wiki to having a place where everyone can share their already created playlists would be a valuable contribution. So add away music you like while hacking or doing anything really!

I made this post a #wiki so you can edit it. To do so find this button (below in red) and update :slight_smile:

The format is simple:
:0: [Name of playlist] [link] [desc]

Also I’ll use a :infinity: :infinity: to note if the playlist is collaberative. Ready Go!

:o: Spotify playlist by pry0cc: 0x00hacking :infinity:

:o: Spotify playlist by c0z: Geekcore

:o: Spotify playlist by c0z: Trance

:o: Hacker Trance by PHCN: Hacker Trance

This is going to be a continuation of this thread.


:o: Hacker Trance by PHCN

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Hell yes! Nice idea!!

You know I’ve actually been trying a new playlist. Music is really important as can have massive nootropic advantage. Focus. Maybe increased energy. Slow down. Bass might affect your mood and therefore affect your methodology.

I really think it’s why there’s a stereotype of trance and coffee. Both things that increase your function and give you and edge. Modafinil too.

We should make a modafinil playlist too.


Hey man. It’s a wiki, you can edit it and put it straight into the post!


Definitely true. I’ll share my other playlist then and I’ll add @H45uK1mchi in for him.


I mostly listen to few songs of YTcracker, Post Malone and The Weeknd.
I would like to share that playlist here, if that is ok.

If I didn’t make it clear enough in the original post that the OP is considered a #wifi I’ll rectify it. Yes it’s okay to update the post in the format provided the music you would like to share that you do computer shit with. If it’s not clear or the method of editing the post are not there DM me and I’ll fix it.

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Pretty cool idea :slight_smile:

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