0x00sec says hello 100 Users! We did it!


(random-man) #21

Wow. I gotta say, I just got on here, and I can’t believe this site is ALREADY this cool. Everything looks so pro too :slight_smile: . It has the perfect mix of deep computer knowledge, but it is also friendly to beginners in computing and security. I’m not trying to diss on NB, but I went on there just a bit ago out of curiosity, and man, all the new stuff is just Metasploit errors… :stuck_out_tongue: . Again, I’m not trying to diss, but we really have a community of knowledgable and dedicated people at varying age and experience levels. This place is really and is going to provide some serious learning. Thanks alot for setting us up! (P.S.: I love how we have a pure computer science section too so we can talk about more theoretical and mathematical concepts as well.)

(Security Architect & Founder) #22

I think it’s pretty nice. The WHT platform sucked, and we didn’t even have code syntax highlighting. Since now we have a new, better, faster site, that is mobile friendly, everybody saw it as the ideal moving spot. Now we have the thriving community that NB once had, without all the spam xD

(Security Architect & Founder) #23

So we’re not far off xD 171 is close enough right?