0x00sec says hello 100 Users! We did it!


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We did it! 100 users!

Hello 0x00’ers! A couple of weeks ago, this community started off as a fun new place to teach, learn and discuss Infomation Security, following the swift decline in activity at Nullbyte. Between three humble hackers on the #nullbyte IRC channel; Me, @oaktree and @unh0lys0da worked through some long nights, server issues and lack of sleep, and so 0x00sec was concieved. We had made the foundations for something that was to become something so much bigger than we had previously anticipated.

Two weeks later, with the help of this awesome community, we are forging an active, close and productive place to learn and share knowledge. This really would not be possible without all of you awesome members. I would like to make a big shoutout to everybody that has tweeted, retweeted, and done anything to help spread the word about this awesome community.

Back when we started we set a target to have 100 users by the end of the May, and today on the 17th of May, we have absolutely smashed that target. We also made a deal to publish all of your names here forever, so that far in the future people will be able to look back and see the original founders of this amazing community. If you’re on this list, we want to thank you sincerely for your hard work and efforts in building this community to the point it has now :slight_smile:


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Thank you all again! If you’re on this list, you should be receiving a badge shortly :wink:

pry0cc - On Behalf of 0x00sec :smile:

(Command-Line Ninja) #2

(pico) #3

Congratulations!.. Well done!

You guys have done a great job bringing this up and the way you are managing it is awesome!. Keep the great job!

(appie) #4


i hope it will be more fun and instructive!!!

-Appie35 :wink:

(OTW) #5


Great job in record time!


Congrats! The site deserves it!

(localhost) #7

Congratulations! Great to see the community grow in such a small time. I am glad to be one of the first 100 users.

(Cal0X) #8

This is really great. I think it’s about time we get our own IRC.

(Command-Line Ninja) #9

##0x00sec That’s our IRC!

(localhost) #10

We have our IRC channel, don’t we (##0x00sec)


Always happy to be here. Congrats for the score, this website deserves it !


Told ya we’d manage half May ^^

Thank you so much everyone!
Time we make a sticky for the IRC
##0x00sec on irc.freenode.net indeed.

(Cal0X) #13

Ah. Not sure how I missed that. Thank you.


Hell yeah we made it! Next state, 1000 users at the end of Juli? :wink:

(Command-Line Ninja) #15

I’m sure we have the potential :wink:

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #16

Will mention the forum to some friends to help reaching the goal :slight_smile:

(Command-Line Ninja) #17

Awesome! Any help is appreciated!


Love the site…Cheers!!

(Juan) #19

Looking forward to whats to come!

(Shadow Zero) #20

Alright, I’m glad that I’ve finally returned. Heh. Congrats oaktree and the other bagillion helpers. I honestly mean it. :sunny: