0x00sec says 'Hello World' to it's first Sponsor!

Since 0x00sec’s conception, 0x00sec has relied entirely on the wallets of the admins, as well as the donations from kind people in the community for funding.

Starting today, the new official sponsor of 0x00sec is Sequoia Cyber Solutions!


These guys are doing some really great things with cyber security assessment (pentesting), Secure encrypted cloud storage, really fast managed web host solutions and WiFi solutions.

We are so grateful to these guys, and would strongly recommend you check out the great work they are doing.

If you want to contribute to building The 0x00sec Project, and want to help educate the next generation of cyber security professionals, you can donate to this bitcoin address:


Thanks to everybody :wink:

- pry0cc on behalf of 0x00sec


Awesome, that’s great that we have a sponsor!

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That’s a really great work ! Congratulation 0x00sec !
You totally deserve that !

Holy cow! I feel as though this will be a massive leap for us in the direction of educating many generations of cyber security specialists! Awesome job 0x00sec!


Dangg nice work. Hope to see 0x00sec get more recognition.