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#0x00SEC Tools : Collab
Hey !
Some of you read the Android RAT ( by the way it is a really good post :slight_smile: ). Some member of the 0x00Sec suggested to make a 0x00SEC Git for collaboration. I think it can be a great thing :).

We can make our own tool to help strenghten our security or trap hacker ( Password checker, Honeypot, Linux privilege escalation checking , ect )

Or we can make bad software and try reverse it (Malware, Keylogger, … ). In case this Collab repo is up. The creation of malware and bad tools should be limited to 0x00SEC trusted member.

So what do you think about sharing and contribute together ? :slight_smile:

  • Yes Collab !
  • No. I don’t want to work with someone else

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I’m not really a programmer (yet), so I don’t really care. However, I believe I can transfer schematics of my electronics to git, so I vote yes.



The way I see it if we work together we can achieve much more than we ever could alone. I’m all for it.

(The C# Dude) #4

Yesterday I thought about adding the tools, published on this board, together, so I’m in favor :wink:. I really enjoy the collaboration with @L3akM3-0day and hope to group up with more members for some projects :slight_smile:. I’ve never met a board with members, who are that nice :smile:.


I thought the same about this community. We all have good knowledge about hacking / Security, if we can work together maybe we’ll made a good tool for security or pentest :slight_smile: ! We can also work together on exploit. We can do a lot of thing :smiley:

(Command-Line Ninja) #6

May I interject xD I believe @SmartOne originally had this idea, so lets just give the credit’s where it’s due :slight_smile:

My thoughts were that S^3 could host it. Also, there is no law on creating malware that is fully evil, this is the internet, and this is offensive security. We are making it to help protect ourselves, right? :wink:


Yeah this is true. I found some free hosting thing https://www.assembla.com/, https://bitbucket.org/ or S^3 can host the collab thing ( This way it could be more private ) :). I just wanted to make a Topic too make it clear :slight_smile: ( Yeah I forget to mention @SmartOne, My bad :disappointed_relieved: ).

(Command-Line Ninja) #8

I would say GitLab seems to be the ultimate idea. That way we can be 100% private, perhaps we only let Members use it? For security purposes.

(Command-Line Ninja) #9

As for those who aren’t in the members section yet, we can manually promote them.


Yeah , I thing we should only let Trusted members.

(Left) #11

Here is the bitnami stack for GitLab

There is a linux installer, a vm and a docker container. Look into this!

(Left) #12

Has a CLI install interface as well on linux

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #13

@L3akM3-0day No problem :joy:

(Command-Line Ninja) #14

What happened with this in the end?!

Cmon guys. We need to step up our collab game :stuck_out_tongue: There are a few projects on the Gitlab but mainly it’s Me, Jschmoe + Oaktree.

(Valentine) #15

I agree with @pry0cc, but I also notice that many of us are still learning how to code. That doesn’t mean we should just not collaborate with each other. Please, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #16

It would have been nice to configure some sort of SingleSignOn with the gitlab site, so we wouldn’t need a new account :slight_smile: This way we could make stuff available only for regulars

(oaktree) #17

That’s a pretty great suggestion. Thanks.