0x00sec Wallpapers



Hello 0x00’ers. I have made some wallpapers with the 0x00sec logos. I hope you enjoy them. I have attached a compressed tar archive with the full album. (MEGA link, The files are huge because I didn’t compress them.) Enjoy :smiley: :snowman:



(Command-Line Ninja) #2

Sweet man! I’m sure people will like these.

Just to confirm, these are all ‘legit’, the fact the name on mega looks sketchy is irrelevant xD


Thank you hahahaa xD

(Command-Line Ninja) #4

I’m quite a fan for this one.



Wow, that one is really nice. I guess it would be nicer with a larger text

(Command-Line Ninja) #6

Here are some of mine…


Thats pretty awesome!


Thank you. I might do that. I was going for a minimalistic look with the blur and stuff.

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #9

Really nice work @Fust3rCluck. What’s the license of the wallpapers/the pictures used?

(Command-Line Ninja) #10

Another one on me.



(Command-Line Ninja) #12

Get ready for this…

(This is a part joke xD)


Thank you. You can do whatever you want with the wallpapers. Just give credit :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you hijacking my post with your wallpapers? I’ll have you know my mommy works for AOL and she will turn your internet off.