1337 0f the M0n7h Nominations - December - Nitrax!


(Command-Line Ninja) #1

Winner: @Nitrax

Well done @Nitrax for winning this month’s 1337 0f the M0n7h! The community has loved your content from the past month, and have chosen you for this month!

I hope you enjoy the perks of being a 1337 0f the M0n7h winner :slight_smile:

Hello Loyal 0x00ers! For this month we are open for nominations! Comment somebody who you think should win the 1337 of the M0n7h award and nearing the end of the month we will add those names into a poll for you to choose!

(You can nominate multiple people and yourself!)

I must also stress that the basis of nomination isn’t just anything very in-depth, it can be for anything you find particularly interesting, engaging or useful. The advanced level of the posts they make are only a factor you may consider when voting.

Looking forward to seeing your nominations!


You can choose up to 3 people to nominate. The nominations are listed in order of nomination. The Polls will close at the end of the month! Good luck to all of you!

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- pry0cc

(The C# Dude) #2

@0x00pf & @dtm. Always there; even if you can’t see them :wink:.

(Valentine) #3

@pry0cc, @anon63959120, @worz, @Joe_Schmoe and @dtm

P.S. (even @oaktree)


@TheDoctor and @0x00pf.

(oaktree) #6

LOL “even me.” What’s that supposed to mean?


@Joe_Schmoe seems to be a pretty 1337 guy

edit: extremely handsome and smart too


Hmm I don’t know man, this looks like @pry0cc’s month to me…

(Command-Line Ninja) #9

I was actually about to nominate you.

@n3xUs and @Nitrax deserve a spot on the nominations!


Definitely pry0cc! @pry0cc

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #11

@pry0cc should get it

(Ne0_) #12

@Nitrax or @pry0cc //20chars

(Command-Line Ninja) #13

Coming 20th of December this is going to become purely a poll. So make sure to get all your nominations in if you haven’t already!

(The C# Dude) #14

I hope a multiple answer poll? Would be hard to chose only one :smile:.

(Command-Line Ninja) #15

A single selection poll is a lot more binary. We were going to use the discourse polls, but if you can find a good poll service then we may use that.

(The C# Dude) #16

I mean the multiple choice poll which is already integrated in Discourse :slight_smile:. I’d prefer to have the chance of voting for more than one person.


@Valentine I don’t make a great nominee at the moment due to my frequent absence. Give the award to someone who puts in a lot more effort!

I say @TheDoctor and @0x00pf, aswell as @dtm should be nominates. They’ve put in a REALLY big effort since 0x00sec even began!


(Command-Line Ninja) #18


whoever votes for me gets a free thank you

(Command-Line Ninja) #20

I nominate @fraq. Last minute nomination for his dope SSH posts.

(Command-Line Ninja) #21

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