1337 of the M0n7h [March] Nominations!


Zup peeps It’s time for nominating this months 1337 of the M0n7h!
Please comment your nominations! You can ofcourse nominate anyone you want for whatever reason!

There’s a lot of cool new articles out there, so check 'em out!

Thanks to all those people that put the time writing articles for the community and the rest of the world!

Viva la information!

~ IoTh1nkN0t

([email protected] [email protected]) #2

I’d like to nominate @Derfloink because of his excellent hackme series where he creates webpages for us to hack! It may only be two articles strong as of this writing, but I feel as though I’ve already learned quite a bit from it!

I’d also like to nominate @Bugsy for his elicitation guide that he his currently in the midst of writing. I feel as though it’s about to be something HUGE .


Thank you so much for the nomination!


Cant we all agree that @VVid0w should be nominated for that awesome EDC bag post that everyone is still active on!?


and the rest of the awesome hacker hardware posts @VVid0w did.

([email protected] [email protected]) #6

Thank you for the nomination as well!!


I nominate @Suser for teh lulz.


I nominate @Joe_Schmoe for his recent post on STELF.

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #9

Did I miss it? (or did I miss the irony) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(oaktree) #10

@_py link me please…

(oaktree) #12

Come on, @Joe_Schmoe! Don’t be __stelf__ish. Make a post!

([email protected] [email protected]) #13

Whew, that was so corny it hurt. :joy: I do agree however, I think we’ve all been waiting for quite awhile!!

(Security Architect & Founder) #14

@bugsy, I think @ricksanchez deserves a spot too!

Oh, and before i forget, @fraq HAS to be on this one.

@oaktree, I agree he needs to make a post, J’s been bogged down a lot though lately, I think when he gets freed up a bit more STELF is going to get back on track a bit.

STELF is competing to become the world’s best shell + exclusive enough to actually work past anti-virus. What we have with STELF (and definitely when it’s more developed) is a real gem.

All we need now is a few 0days, some bots, and we got ourselves a botnet :stuck_out_tongue:

(Standard User) #15

dude how many times do I have to fucking say it!? I’M JUST A STANDARD USER

(Security Architect & Founder) #16

Necrobumping… Clearly just a standard user…