1337 of the w33k #4 (5/23-28/2016)


(oaktree) #1

Hey everyone! 1337 of the w33k goes to @TheDoctor this week, for his CrackMes.

Keep it up, @TheDoctor. On behalf of all the staff, you’re doin’ great.

Wanna be the next 1337 of the w33k? The recognition is given to a member who has made many high-quality contributions. What can you bring to 0x00sec?


Hey @TheDoctor! Congratulations, keep it up!

(pico) #3

Congrats @TheDoctor! Well done!

(Command-Line Ninja) #4

TheDoctor is experiencing some problems using the site at the moment, we are working to solve them, I’m quite busy at the moment. But we will sort it. This is a message from TheDoctor

“I’ve seen that I got the 1337 of the week and I can’t reply… It would be great if you could reply and explain that I got problems, that I can’t reply on my own”

“I wrote a Crypter in C# yesterday, started the new CrackMes in C++/Rust the day before and today I’m going to build a binder in C#! Thank you in advance!”

(The C# Dude) #5

Thanks to @pry0cc for his very fast solving of the problem! Seems it was a language pack error or something… Ask @pry0cc for a better description ;). However, when I clicked on the topic I was sure that @0x00pf will get it because he’s doing great stuff here, also in the RE section. Was surprised that I got it^^. The offline time was enough for me to prepare some posts about Crypters, CrackMes, RATs, etc as @pry0cc said before. We’ll see when I’m finally ready to publish them.
Guys, hold the good work we’re doing here! It’s a great board especially 1337 stuff is discussed here and not only the typical rubbish!

(Jakub) #6

Congratulations, @TheDoctor! With you I’ve done my first keygen :slight_smile: Thanks for your work!


I don’t think people can get it more than once. Anyway, congratulations to you.