1337 of the w33k (5/16-5/20) and a Month of 0x00sec

Alright: This w33k, this honor is awarded to @n3xUs, for his articles on Social Engineering. Keep it up, buddy.

You can see who has gotten 1337 of the w33k by checking out its badge.

We’ve been here for a month!

Today, 5/21/16 marks one month of 0x00sec! Can you remember how it all was a month ago? I can – and I’ll say it has improved and evolved tremendously.

On behalf of all the staff, I thank this community for a month of greatness. Also, congrats, @n3xUs!

See ya later,


I am so pleased for you @n3xUs! Good job man!

As for 1 month. That is truly awesome! I never thought this would take off like it has!


Congrat @n3xUs!!! Great Job!

nice @n3xUs congrats!

Thanks a lot! Really! It truly is an honor! Thanks you all for all your support!

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