1337 of the w33k (5/9 - 5/13, 2016)

Hello 0x00sec community!

It is once again time for the announcement of 1337 of the w33k.

1337 of the w33k is a recognition of excellence in contributing to 0x00sec. Every week, the staff gets together to nominate their choice for this award. The acknowledgement is complemented by a special badge.

This week, for his tutorials on Remote Shells, 1337 of the w33k goes to… @0x00pf!

On behalf of myself and the staff, I congratulate you, @0x00pf. We happily await the continuation of your Remote Shells series.


Thanks a lot @oaktree and the rest of the staff. I really appreciate this recognition!

Glad yo hear you like the series.


Well done mate! You deserve it! Your contributions are really top notch!

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Congratulations @0x00pf !

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Well deserved! I hope to keep learning with your articles!

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Congrats mate! Glad ya got it!

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Well done @0x00pf Keep it up! I look forward to seeing more of your content.

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