A few questions as a newbie - Can I learn?

Dear 0x00sec community,

I have a few questions regarding ‘ethical hacking’.

before I do start asking away, I first want to state that my interpretation of ‘ethical hacking’ is hacking for humanity, not hacking for corporations, businesses or anything alike. Please feel free to correct me on this, for example if ‘ethical hacking’ has a whole different meaning.

With that out of the way, here are my questions;

} Q.1
I am a student in web development, and I just started. I have little to no experience with HTML, CSS, Java or anything related to web development.

I thusfar know how some HTML, I know how to use CSS a little but know nothing about JS.

For anyone has studied web development or anything that would be (remotely) alike, is there a way for me to finish this study and kind of ‘reverse’ the things I learnt for humanity’s good?

For example, if I learn how to protect a website, can I also use that information to find out if I can attack a website a certain way?

} Q.2
As I stated in Q.1, I want to learn how to hack websites using any language that exists, but where do I start?

Ofcourse I’ve seen a lot of topics on here, but I understand almost nothing except for the few posts that pass by about regular discussions regarding social stuff. Where does a complete noob start with learning how to hack?

These were all my questions. If possible, please answer in the easiest-to-understand terms, as I am totally inexperienced.

best regards,

Aviixx -

You can learn anything. I would suggest starting with programming. Learn to write some toy apps. Write a front-end and backend. Start with no frameworks and see if you can do it. Then add a backend framework and frontend framework. Think about what security holes there might be. Do this locally so you don’t expose yourself, then run some tools against it and see what you find.

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About those tools-

can I learn how to make them myself? is it possible for a single person to learn how to code such tools?

You’d have to know what you are coding first. Before you automate, you have to know how to do it without automation.

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I’ll keep that in mind. thank you so much!

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