A funny dumbass story of me 😢

My story is pretty freaky. It all started with the resolve of wanting to do something great. I managed to pop up with a cool idea of creating a competitive online game based on offensive and defensive security, where players build their tools in-game and has a global chat where all players communicate. So I went about the preparations, structured the whole plan and it looked perfect on paper and along my researches I discovered an app builder (cos the game is mostly a widget game) that my laptop could handle, actually it’s not an app builder but a way I could use figma for frontend and airtable for backend and combine it to create a hybrid app, along the way when I was just starting out in designs, my laptop started getting freaky till the extent the screen went blank, I didn’t even wanna think of repairing it cos I know I ain’t gonna get no funds for that from my parents. So I started another research and finally discovered another app builder I could handle with my mobile phone and I could use codemagic to export it to an apk (that’s how I thought it worked) only for me to discover that and I can’t generate apk but directly export to playstore :expressionless: and I didn’t wanna think about it cos I don’t even have the freaking fund to obtain the onetime playstore membership and my discovery was late cos I’ve done some designs already and this pained me the most, cos I discovered an investment platform that invests on teenage ideas with $100k so I really wanted this to work but life ain’t a bed of roses :sweat_smile::cry: so I let it go, so I decided to build a web CTF platform but my device is just way to limited for this intense task, so right now I just managed to open a group for bounty hunters even tho I’m not with my laptop, I’m willing to give it a shot with my mobile phone using termux. Relying mostly on the only person with PC in our team (we’re just 4 tho) if you wanna join, slot is open. So I think the last adventure is where I’m currently in and sometimes it fews dumb to continue but I don’t know why I still continue. I guess "No room for improvisation in tech and internet


Hi here are my 2 cents…

This my friend isn’t the right way …, explain to them how hard you’ve worked, and why you’re doing what your doing and how much it means to you, your folks will surely understand(well they are the ones that are most likely will), you should also take relief in the fact that you have friends, you can band together and tell your parents what you’re doing, i’m sure they will hear you out, don’t give up even before you’ve tried.


  1. Id strongly recommend trying to get that laptop working
  2. If you need a place to test out your stuff, you can try Segfault, which offers free Linux boxes for creative purposes
  3. Id also recommend abstaining from “App builders” and the like, learn a framework like react and a server side language (maybe python ?), because someday you are going to need it and the best time to start is now.
  4. If you shift to a proper UI and Back end framework, you can leverage services like Netlify or Heroku to host your stuff.
  5. If what you’re creating truly helps the community, there are a organizations and cloud providers willing to host your platform for free.

All the best.


Thanks bruh, best thing I’ve heard and I just screenshot this :clinking_glasses:

Thanks bruh for the encouragement

If it’s for the explanation, I think they’ve heard enough of it, cos I never run outta Ideas, seems like same old shii to them and I don’t wanna stress em anymore, so Imma just what I do best to survive, anyway I’ve been doing it alone for long, ain’t got no friends interested in what I do around, mist of my friends are made online :expressionless:

Then if not your parents try to find a local hackerspace / makerspace or people who share your vision which it sounds like you’ve kind of found that already. So the next step is to side-step what your parents want for you and try to get recognition from people in the space to get funding. Whether that’s from a local university in your area, showing them what you’re working on, or getting really into CTF’s and winning top 50/10 etc.


If it was that easy, playing CTF ain’t possible with mobile phone and I really need to find more hacker space

i am interested and would like to join

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Pm me let’s discuss
And sought out things

You can control a Raspberry Pi from any old phone. Combining that phone, with a Pi, and with a VPS you can do anything. Even the $15 Pi Zero 2 can run a GUI. Its harder than with a development rig but with such limitations you really do become better.


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