A Md5 hash, can't crack it on almost every md5-sites, anyone help?

Hey, all,


That’s the md5 hash.
Checked almost every md5 cracking website, but still no luck.

Anyone can help with that?

Thank you in advance!

Look here. Thats what id say

Have you tried John the Ripper? http://www.openwall.com/john/

Hi TheDoctor,

Not yet.

I’ll try a bruteforce mode later.

Wish there will be some one that could run this against a rainbow table, it’s quicker.

Where did you get the hash? If it’s a challenge where you got it, Brute-force shouldn’t take much time.

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Hi Philips,

I know it’s hard to crack it, but with the right rainbow table, it will be quick.

we tend to use passwords means something to us, especially to someone who is not very much caucious.

I’ll try the brute-force to see.

Hope I’m lucky. :smile:

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Have you got the hash?

Nope, john is still running.
I just created a new file pw.txt with the following contect:

Then in the shell:
john --format=Raw-MD5 --incremental pw.txt

Seems nothing wrong.

Let me know if there’re mistakes.

@pharaoh I don’t know if you already have resolved your problem however, if you have a decent GPU, try Hashcat which provides better perfs than John and is more efficient.

Hope it helps.



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