A pretty good URL scanner


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I came accross this pretty good URL scanner called urlscan. It is still in beta but it works pretty good and is accurate and can obtain a lot of information. Plus it is a passive recon tool, meaning you don’t touch the target directly. +5 stealth!

Just a quick find I wanted to share


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There is also an API. Maybe we can make a CLI tool out of this? :stuck_out_tongue:


interesting tool! Personally I am not a fan of them showing all the searches that have been done. Very cool tool though, will use it for my OSINT needs.

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Scanning failed… I’d like a refund please.

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Thanks for you share.

I’ll try to make a cli version :smiley:

https://dnsdumpster.com/ is another very good tool.

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I really like using / implementing dnsdumpster in term … Good mention.