A Simple Open Source Portscanner


(Matrix2600) #1

Hello NullSec, Joker back with another tool that I wrote today. As the title says this is a portscanner that I’ve decided to code to learn more about packets and how they work. This is a very simple program that basically does a SYN scan. Issue is that most systems would block this type of scan and therefore I recommend using nmap for testing and hacking purposes. This project is for educational purposes only. I should note that the site I used as reference honestly both has ugly code and I don’t think the code works that well, but helped a lot with explaining to me how packets work at least for a SYN scan.

A overview of a SYN scan is simple enough:
client ----- sends -----> SYN ----- to -----> server
server ----- sends ----> SYN+ACK ----- to ------> client
Simple? I think so.

Anyways, the code is simple enough to compile and use. I’ve as usual added comments to help those who wish to look at my code to understand how it works-ish…

I’m gonna be working on different types of scans like FIN scan and others in the future.

Welp that’s it for now, cheers!