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Hey 0x00ers!

If you’re a loyal member and visit regularly you will know about how 0x00sec now no longer has an IRC server. I receive probably 5-10 messages a week asking why IRC is down.

I don’t know if that’s because people just aren’t reading the forum posts, and maybe come back every now and then, but we do not have an IRC server anymore.

To find out why, read this:

We do however have a Discord Server, this is not a public utility of sorts, and is 100% invite only. In order to get access to the Discord, you will need to meet VIP rank. You can obtain VIP by contributing regularly with regular, high quality, well-written posts, and comments.

Showing a high level of regard for others, being helpful and generally being a positive influence in the community can easily get you VIP status.

To find out more about how to get VIP, read this:

If you already know about this, disregard this post, I just get an awful amount of messages on Twitter, here or elsewhere asking about IRC or Discord. Hopefully, this post will answer your questions about the current chat system.


PS: If there are any references to the IRC server on the website, please DM me and I will remove/change those. I’ve done my best to remove every trace but I’m only human :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: since Discord is not a public utility, it is purely at the mercy of the moderators and the VIPs as to which platform we use. We have chosen Discord because of how well it works for us. We do not need suggestions about other platforms, especially if you’re not a VIP.


Several months ago, after deliberation over a number of different platforms, the community chose Discord. So we will stay on Discord for the foreseeable future.




Wire is nice or even Telegram.

I do not know why you guys start a discussion about alternative platforms here in this thread. The current platform of choice is clear and already established. There is no expected change in the foreseeable future.


Really and who had a say in it? We are allowed to state opinions are we not? I don’t remember ever being told that opinions are valid… actually, the definition of opinions state that they are not conclusive. Personally, I could give little fucks for whatever platform you guys use for chatting and such, but that doesn’t mean I won’t voice my opinion. I have said my piece.

What @ricksanchez said. I really don’t like the choice of platform, but it’s not my decision.
If you don’t like it then make your own.

I don’t remember ever being told that opinions are valid… actually, the definition of opinions state that they are not conclusive.

Yes, also trying to push a change, i.e. forcing your opinion on others is effectively declaring that yours in more valid.

Some people will be unhappy no matter what platform is selected. At the end of the day someone needs to make the decision and setup the new platform for it to happen otherwise everyone has no idea what is going on and fragments. That person is @pry0cc, if you don’t like it start your own community.

Also I don’t like telegram. It’s written by a bunch of mathematicians with no background in cryptography (afaik) that have, effectively, looked at all the cryptographic research and thrown it away because (presumably) they’re mathematicians and they know everything. Things aren’t really proven “secure” (in general). People discover new flaws and ways to analyse ciphers and then old stuff breaks. The reason we consider AES “secure” is because no one has broken it in 15 years (as far as we know) even though it’s had a lot of attention. Telegram uses stuff that has either been theoretically broken (practical attacks may be the next step) or has not had as much time and attention to be broken in order to be considered as “secure” (lack of attention is because the alternatives are better anyway) or stuff usually insecure that they have worked around instead of just doing it the proper way that every cryptographer recommends.

I think this quote nicely sums up the mess that is their protocol

If their protocol is secure, it is so by accident, not because of good design. They claim the protocol was designed by “six ACM champions” and “Ph.Ds in math.” Quite frankly, the protocol looks like it was made by an amateur. The tight coupling between primitives suggests the designer was not familiar with basic constructs, like authenticated encryption, that you can find in any cryptography textbook.

Maths is a very broad field cryptography is very specialised. I’d rather use a protocol designed by an actual cryptographer.



There are still a reference to the IRC server and a webchat (seems to be also down) on the account activation email.

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Thank you so much for letting us know.

This will be fixed ASAP.