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how can I enter the chat room when I want to ask the community?


I’m a long time lurker of this site and finally decided to sign up.

I code in python and occasionally C.

I joined so that I could become more active in the hacking community as I’m scared of going too much to the developer side.

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Hi, Ok, sure someone will find this funny, I started learning to kinda program back in DOS days with batch files (that was the funny part??) Anyway due to life circmstances only recent was able to get back into it, recently i’ve been learning what I guess would be called full stack dev languages. I had started C’s a Looong time ago (which Ive all forgotten) but that is my next priority. Am probably most comfortable with php & sql for the moment, no where near good at it but i eventually get what im trying to do to work. But anyway what Im trying to figure out, (im sure this is probably a dumb question), but how, where do i go to try the hack the box?? Is that what the
Init (initialize?) link at top of screen is reffering too?

ok, I think I get it, Im realizing that I shoulda been running a certain OS that Ive always wanted to but never botherd too. Guess better that than never.

Why the onion sites I create keep disappearing? Once I get a new address from TOR and upload them to the host they can be seen.But once I log out and try to access the sites they are gone. What is the problem?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I’m new to hacking and stuff, Trying to read new books to learn exploit development.

Hi, I am new on the forum and here to educate myself a bit on the basic principles of hacking. Hoping to find a path to grow my knowledge step by step

I am new to this kinda stuff.
I want to know about hacking.
what are the basic things to learn about hacking?

It’s never too late to get started. Let’s do this!

Just signed up, sorry the noob question but I don’t see a way to create a new post. How would I do this? Would appreciate help thanks!

I specifically signed up to ask for some info or insight whatsoever. I’m not fluent at all in pretty much any prog language, and I barely know how to maneuver myself around my Linix Mint. Plus I’ve only been using this OS for maybe a month now. Always been a WIndows guy until now.
I bought an iWatch&& Macbook Air Model: A2337 (almost a year ago, maybe a little longer) for a now ex of mine. I tried to just clear the thing by booting into ‘Recovery Mode’ and following the ‘Clear Mac Data’ option. So now I have an activation lock that needs to be bypassed somehow Obviously I have no idea what her password would be and her and I dang sure aren’t speaking. So am I just out a grand and should go blow it up with Tannerite or is there anything I can do?
I have the boxes for all the istuff I got her, and pretty sure there’s receipts to watch and maybe a couple of the iphones with my bank acct # on them. If I can just completely reset the stuff I would like to do that. I want absolutely zero remembrance of the girl.

Thanks in advance maybe.

Let’s get to hacking!

am i stupid because i cant figure out how to make a new post in the questions section

may I ask please, would anybody like to try to unlock, in any way, the full version of a forgotten and unavailable game?

If it’s too much work and time, then it’s a pity and I understand. If there was a chance, someone would find this interesting and worthwhile, then thank you very much for considering it.

If you would go to the page, on the right side, there’s an “official site” link, it leads to archive .org, where the game download is available. It’s most likely a full version, just locked and limited as a trial. The game is only a few MBs.


I think this one is really fun, pretty, abstract and classic, that’s why the whole idea.
Thank you for any answer.

I’ve been coming here for a while and it’s finally time I make a appearance! I mostly program in Python and PHP, while I have been learning Rust for a while, I also know some markup languages like HTML/CSS (kinda need to with PHP). I first got interested in cyber security when my mom got hacked about a year ago and I wanted to learn how they did it. Also does anyone know how to create a post here or is there a time limit since I’m new.

hi all,
i wanna learn hacking
can someone help me with the basics first

Hi, where could I find an IPTV from a hacker

Hi, Just wanted to ask a question. How different is real hacking compared to the courses we do online? I am not from a technical BG but have a willingness to learn, and I am just curious to know. Bdw I am doing TCM PEH and have few bunch of courses ready after this.