About the outage

At 3:30am BST. I recieved an email telling me that the server was out of disk space. I caught it 3 hours later and implemented a temporary fix.

This community has been expanding so rapidly over the last few days that we’ve ran out of disk space, and need to begin expanding server resources. This is on one hand a minor inconvience, but on another hand a massive positive. It shows our growth as a community.

To offset the costs we will be soon experiencing, we will be launching a donations platform (probably bitcoin & paypal).

Thank you for your patience!


I’d love to help either way!

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You guys could look at ads. We wouldn’t mind seeing one or two, as long as it keeps the site afloat.

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I really hate ads. I feel a little like ads will be a dying out form of monitization due to the overwhelming use of adblockers. One of the things that I feel that makes this site different to Nullbyte is how much cleaner it is, and how it doesn’t shove ads in your face.

Perhaps we could look at it on a smaller scale. We should have further discussion for the future.

We have another option too, it doesn’t seem a bit too far out to have courses about hacking set up on someplace like Udemy for example, where people could pay to see top line hacking courses made by 0x00sec Mods, Admins, Founders, and members even. And all the profit would go into sustaining the site itself. I don’t 100% agree with this idea, but if times got tough we should at least try to keep it in mind as a possible option.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I want this site adfree.
For now I don’t mind paying it. However if the site grows too big, then RAM and CPU might become a problem. Upgrading that is a lot more expensive. I shall consider the donations.

Thanks for your input, but this raises a lot of expectations and responsibilities. I feel it would slow down the learning of myself as it would be timeconsuming. Maybe in the future :wink:

Yeah maybe in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Last night I had a dream we had ads on our site. And it SUCKED! xD

I was thinking stickers and hoodies would be cool. Of course I want to wait until the site is a bit larger, maybe 500 users? But I think 0x00sec stickers would be cool as.

Ye ads are pretty pointless they are always annoying, also I feel like an adblocker is pretty much a basic part of security these days.

I think the best ways to go are donations especially if you added something like bitcoin; that will probably work even while the site is small (hopefully won’t be too long).
Another way to go is for merch like hoddies, t-shirts, stickers just stuff like that, though like @pry0cc said isn’t really vialbe till theres more users.

True, most ads are primed to give you Annoy Ware nowadays,

I agree with the donations idea. I’d gladly give some money to keep this site up and running for aspiring hackers.

I don’t know about the others, but I am really against that. Knowledge should be free! We will pick our money elsewhere.


As some of you already know, I will be building a small electronics lab later this year, which will allow me to build my designs like EMP’s and spy gadgets. I might auction them on ebay and the money can go to 0x00sec! Though I think it would be illegal to put stuff like that on ebay…


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I agree that knowledge should be free, but I would love to donate money to keep this site up. It wouldn’t be required to donate, but if we want to, we should be able to.

Wow that’s awesome! I really like the idea of doing something to support the site, rather than just going “GIVE US MONEY PLZ”. I had an idea to do security scans and security assements for companies/people. 0x00sec could become a Pentesting company. We don’t exactly have a shortage of talented people around here!

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We appreciate your eagerness! Hang in there :slight_smile: I will be working on a bitcoin donations system. What platform would you like to use? PayPal is another option.

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I agree on that.


I would advice against doing pentests. We are after all a community, not a registered infosec research center. Companies have no way of checking if we are legitimate and thus they won’t trust us. And honestly, I can’t blame them. Not to mention all the juridical trouble to deal with.

Furthermore, people trying to give us a bad name could lead us all into a trap that way.

However, pentesters could conduct pentests on their own and donate their profits to 0x00sec.



I understand that mate, I only put it up as a last scenario plan we should at least consider. I mean I really don’t think we’ll be thinking about whether knowledge or free or not (although I think it should be), when the site’s struggling. I really don’t want that to ever happen, but my point of view is that in case the worst should happen we should start being a bit more accepting about methods we may think wrong or methods other sites use.