About the recent outages

So as a new community, is a new platform, and with all new things you probably aren’t going to cruise through it without any issues, especially in the first few weeks/months.

Due to the development phase, we have been testing and editing sections, so there has been a few speed bumps. I sincerly apologise on behalf of 0x00sec for any of the outages that have occured in the recent days. We have learnt from our mistakes, and hopefully this will help us build a faster, better and more organized 0x00sec.


As another dev of this community, I second this.

“Please excuse the dust, we are under construction.”


Absolute Gold <3 :smile:

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I honestly don’t blame this community for starting off a bit rusty at first. The people who started it are great, and so are the members, and all of us would like to help each other learn, which is what matters to me :smiley:.