Accessing an 'Activation Locked' Mac?

I specifically signed up to ask for some info or insight whatsoever. I’m not fluent at all in pretty much any prog language, and I barely know how to maneuver myself around my Linix Mint. Plus I’ve only been using this OS for maybe a month now. Always been a WIndows guy until now.

I bought an iWatch&& Macbook Air Model: A2337 (almost a year ago, maybe a little longer) for a now ex of mine. I tried to just clear the thing by booting into ‘Recovery Mode’ and following the ‘Clear Mac Data’ option. So now I have an activation lock that needs to be bypassed somehow Obviously I have no idea what her password would be and her and I dang sure aren’t speaking.

So am I just out a grand and should go blow it up with Tannerite or is there anything I can do?
I have the boxes for all the istuff I got her, and pretty sure there’s receipts to watch and maybe a couple of the iphones with my bank acct # on them. If I can just completely reset the stuff I would like to do that. I want absolutely zero remembrance of the girl.

Thanks in advance maybe.

I’m very sorry if making this question a Topic breaks any rules

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